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Reduced Case Volume

Chatbots can significantly reduce case volume for customer service reps. Since bots are a self-service tool, customers don’t have to connect with one of your human reps to get answers. If their problem is simple or common, the chatbot can link them to your knowledge base or FAQ pages for the solution. This frees up your agents to focus on more complex and time-consuming cases.

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Seamless Integrations

If a customer’s problem is complicated and requires live assistance, chatbots can transfer the chat to a human agent. This seamless integration creates a better customer experience because the customer doesn’t have to rewrite their problem. Instead, the rep can read the previous thread and pick up the case where the bot left off. Chatbots can also be integrated with your CRM to personalize customer interactions. It can research each customer’s past experience with your brand and reference relevant information when necessary. This is incredibly important because research shows 72% of consumers expect your reps to know their contact information before an interaction begins. Unlike humans, bots can look up this data immediately and know exactly where to find the information they’re looking for.

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Task Automation

If one of your service reps aren’t available for transfer, chatbots can also perform follow-up functions. They can schedule meetings with customers and assign your reps cases that need to be completed. Some bots can even send follow-up emails to customers after they solve their case. Task automation like this creates a more consistent customer experience and helps your team keep track of unfulfilled customer needs. Now that you understand the impressive power that chatbots wield, let’s take a look at some of the strongest options available for your team this year.

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Growing companies

Our Chatbot Deliver client care nonstop and abbreviate stand by times. It's Handle the high volume of solicitations at speed, and improve group proficiency.


Greeting Page Messaging

Our Chatbot Engage guests quicker with a customized message when they land on any page. You can make modified welcome directives for explicit presentation pages to give an additional oomph of personalization by our chatbot. attempt page informing now and watch your guests convert into clients with our chatbot


AI Learning

Keep steady over your discussions and new inquiries being posed in the chatbot. Artificial intelligence learning and preparing capacities causes you recognize shaky areas of your chatbot and improve your chatbot after some time. You can prepare you chatbot with existing streams or realize potential comparable inquiries utilizing our equivalent word recommendations innovation.


Any Language Chatbot

Numerous organizations around the globe work in various geological territories thusly the chatbot must be fit for discussion in different dialects. We give in 140+ dialects.

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Media Blocks

Increment client commitment with interactive media. So our chatbot sends an image of your property postings, it makes merry go rounds of your fresh introductions, diverts your client to your item's valuing page with a CTA fasten or send explainer Videos.


Conversational Forms

With the assistance of manychat mechanized conversational structures, your chatbot can ask each data in turn from your client, be it your request structure or your lead age structure. Manychatbot catches everything and incorporates with your CRM or backend framework.

build your chatbot

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